Friday, June 19, 2009

Need to finish Rufus Angel!

This is a painting I started almost a year ago the weekend our Rufus died. I've had him here waiting to be finished, today almost a year after he died Im going to finish him. It makes me sad to paint him still a year after his death. I feel it will good to work on the painting and finish him. So to get me going and not afraid to finish him Im going to post the process.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A che painted by che

Well I really have to remember to post more often, I think I post more on my Facebook than my blog. But like my good friend Ken said " Post more sir!".
This is a painting I did with the Watercolor Sticks a few weeks back during my Watercolor class in Kirkland. This is a " Che of a Che" Im currently working on a series of painting of people's faces. Trying to get their personalities to show. Along with a childrens book that Dr. Jorge R. Chacon wrote on the pinata. Ill be working on that one for atleast 6 months lots of painting for the book. Stay tuned.