Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Smoke'n Joe Frazier

I have received so many positive responses from this painting. This is by far my favorite, I really learned a lot from painting this piece. I took these pictures as I painted, Im glad I remembered to document my process. I used Watercolor Sticks, I love how much pigment I can get with my brush. I start with my drawing, then drew in the shadows with Hansa Yellow Medium, from there I grab my brush and paint in the areas with clean water. I then use a little of Quinacridone Coral to add warmth to the shadows. And I slowly build up from there. I end up using Imperial Purple to finish up the darks. I ended up using DS watercolor ground to highlight and add back the whites I might of lost. Enjoy~
Finished piece "Smoke'n Joe Frazier" 15 x 22 Watercolor on Paper