Friday, June 18, 2010

Creating a sketch.

What makes a sketch a sketch? Well for me its a quick study or studies on a particular subject. I try to work quickly and let my feelings and instincts take over, not worrying to much about color or value.
From this point I start to put a little bit of thought into the next step which is working the middle values. Keeping in mind that she is a baby and not to over work the values, the more you layer the more you age the subject.
Now for the dark values in the eyes, cheeks and lips. Framing the face with Sepia in the cap it starts to come together.
The last few steps are the details, eye lashes, and a bit of line work to keep it together. Add Manganese Blue in the background to adds a cool value and punches up the warm values in the face.
Done! From start to finish this sketch took me 15 mins.


Ken said...

You're ninja fast - I'd labor over that for at least an hour!

Madhumita Jena said...

This is just awesome and i cant beleive it took you just 15 minutes