Thursday, February 2, 2012

Watercolor Sticks FREE Demo this Saturday 2.4.2012 at Daniel Smith Seattle at 11am and 1:45pm
Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks add a new dimension to your paintings. The Sticks are great for those sketchies, and Plein Aire artist that want to carry light on there travels. Thats not to say their not used in your studio work, they are a very versatile medium. Since the sticks are chock full of pigment you can use them opaque, right off the stick or use water to use them like traditional watercolors. Don't like to see pencil lines in your work? Use them to draw directly on the paper and use a wet brush to mix and add beautiful washes. In this demo Che will show you the 3 main techniques to use with the sticks, but that by no means are these the only ways to use the sticks. Use your imagination and find your unique way to create beautiful and colorful works of art.

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